Tricks to Master Toad Rally: Ultimate Super Mario Run Guide

You might have heard about the competitive mode of Super Mario Run that is well known by the name: Toad Rally. Here you will get opportunity to run against your opponents while enjoying stylish moves and collecting more numbers of coins. But note that these races never go on real time basis. You are actually going to challenge a cartoon ghost from your opponent’s team and it is supposed that this character has already passed current level. If you are ready to take your walk in Toad Rally then here are few amazing strategies for you all:

How to get tickets for Toad Rally?

If you want to run in toad rally against a competitor then you have to collect a ticket first. It can be obtained in numerous ways:

  • Prefer to collect all colored challenge coins in one move during your world tour level.
  • Try to beat all levels along with castle in first attempt.
  • Play a bonus game and make efforts for building a bonus house.
  • Some Nintendo based rewards can also lead you to toad rally mode.

Working of Toad Rally Mode:

Once you hit the red rally pipe in your game then you will soon be able to select your opponent on this gaming platform. Soon you will be able to make movements to beat your competitor. Spend time on collection of more coins and impress all toad fans, if you are able to play well on the basis of both these criteria then you will be able to win the mode.

Super Mario Run Toad Rally

Super Mario Run Toad Rally

The fact about first place winning strategy:

Actually there is no first place winning strategy on Super Mario Run platform. All that matters is the collection of coins and satisfaction of fans. If you are moving at faster pace then you are more likely to visit new locations that contain more coins. Make proper strategies to complete the toad rally session and soon you will gain rewards.

Tips to get more coins in Toad rally:

Coins are the most essential stuff for your Super Mario Run gaming platform. If you are able to collect more, you are more likely to win against your ghost opponent. Follow these tricks to gain access to more coins with ease:

Level Up Potential Enemies During World Tour:

Try to defeat more and more enemies during your world tour mode. Stomp them, hit them and vault them whenever you get a chance to do so. Every time when you kill a bad character in this game, you are one step closer to choose the enemy type.

Stylish Moves are going to pay more:

You must have observed a coin rush meter on your device screen. Rating on this meter can be boosted up by simply paying more attention to collection of pink coins, stomping your enemies and more importantly by performing so many stylish moves on the way.

Follow Arrows:

You can follow the right route for higher coin collection by focusing on path arrows. These arrows indicate best coin containing paths so that you can win the collection battle easily.

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