Super Mario Run-Expectations Vs Reality: “The Secret Lies Here”

Super Mario Run is one of the biggest hit from Nintendo. Even after its first release on iOS, millions of users have been connected to this platform and still unlimited gamers are curious to get it on their android smartphone. This game generated great revenue for the company on its launch date as fans were crazy to get their favorite Mario character on their mobile screen. Although, most of the reviews say that December 15 was not the right time to release this game for iOS and many gamers have also questioned the monetization choices of Nintendo for Super Mario Run. The fact is that the first three basic levels of this game are available for free whereas you need to pay $9.99 in order to unlock full version of game.

Super Mario Run

Earlier, Nintendo announced that they are not going to make any feature update to super Mario run platform. Well! There are so many contradictory factors that news updates reveal about game but I think those who are crazy Mario fans would love to play this game after beating all the odds against it. Mario is all time loving character of almost all age groups and that is why this game can be found in almost every mobile phone whether it belongs to an old working professional, a youngster or a child.

Super Mario Run

Now, as Nintendo announced that this game will not be updated with new features so it was little disappointing news for many players who had rich expectations from developers. Actually, most often game developers keep on adding new stuff to their game in order to keep players engaged with their platform but this time expectations of players were faded away. Pokemon Go is a popular example of feature rich platform that is being continuously updated with new characters by the game developers and gamers are happy to receive amazing things with each new update.

Good News is Hidden here: The Easy Mode Addition

Presently, here is great news for you that Easy Mode is added to Super Mario Run app store and it is appreciated by all players. When you switch to this mode, the timer gets automatically removed from World Tour Level and users will be able to access unlimited numbers of bubbles to complete the level.

This update helps to adjust Toad Rally in such a manner that player can gain easy access to more numbers of toads for all their wins and surprisingly they will lose less on any failure. If you were facing great trouble in building your personal Mushroom Kingdom then you must take benefit of this new update now.

Here is the list of improvements that you can observe with this first update:

  • Easy Mode addition that provides easy access to large numbers of bubbles without any restriction over time limit.
  • It provides compatibility for many new events.
  • Game is now compatible with Korean.
  • The best part is that you will now lose lesser number of Toads during your failures in Toad Rally whereas gains are multiple for every win.
  • Few basic issues are fixed now.

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