Super Mario Run Apk: A Big Day for Gamers

There are so many amazing things happening in the gaming world by the year 2017 but for Mario lovers, nothing could be as wonderful as getting their favourite game on android. Yeah! Finally, Nintendo released android version of Super Mario Run on 23rd March and till now millions of players have downloaded it from Google Play store.

This game was earlier available only for iOS platform and it encountered a big success over there with almost 78 million downloads within 3 months. That’s Crazy! But True! So you can imagine how many people love Mario and this is the major reason behind the huge growth in company earnings with the mobile version of Mario series.

Here is one more interesting thing to know that out of those 78 million gamers; only fuve percent have purchased this game officially and the overall revenue for Nintendo by January month was about $53 Million. This dollar amount is quite high where purchase price was only $10 for unlocking the full version of this game. There is no doubt to say that it played well in the market and is a big success for the company. Analysts call it the peak price point for Super Mario Series.

But now it is time to talk about Android; Quite interesting! One thing is worth mentionable here that Nintendo had not tried to do anything just to gain the revenue from this game model. Everything happened so genuinely and they also assisted gamers with free download facility. You will be glad to know that Super Mario Run Apk is also available for free download whereas you will have to make one-time in-app purchase by paying $10 if you want to unlock game levels 1 to 4.

Nintendo has also updated the iOS based game to version 2 with little modification and again they have made it free to play. In case if players are able to complete one challenge on the browser, then can easily unlock the previous locked 1 to 4 course level. Also, you will be able to enjoy more courses during your Toad Rally walk. As soon as Super Mario Run was released for Android platform, Nintendo updated its version 2 for iOS- of course, they care about all gamers and try to keep the audience happy all the time. This update also contains few payable characters; you will love the unique colour updates of Yoshi. It is also possible to play Toad Rally using Yoshi with your favourite color and surprisingly you will be able to make toads of your character’s matching colour.

This game is now also focusing on addition of new buildings so that players can easily avail the bonus game house in Toad Rally. In some areas, Nintendo has made play area much easier and they also improved game smoothness on mobile devices. With this recent launch of Super Mario Run Apk and iOS update, now players can enjoy long gaming hours on their devices. And you will be impressed to know that this Apk release boosted 5 million downloads on the very first day.

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