How to Unlock Characters in Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run was one of the most awaited games at the end of year 2016 and right from its release date millions of gamers are playing it every day. Every aspect of this game is well managed along with the creativity at character level, the impressive background, artistic animation and the awesome sound effects. There are so many playable characters, each one with their own identity and style. You will love to explore some interesting facts about all these creatures like Toadette, Toad, Princess Peach, Luigi and Yoshi etc.

The article below contains some information about how you can unlock these characters in your game:

Tips to unlock new characters in Super Mario Run:

It is not so easy to get a new character on your game platform when you are messing up with Super Mario Run. Each one of these characters can be unlocked by fulfilling a specific requirement. If you want to access more of these then read the details below:



Thanks to the Super Mario Run developers! At least you need not to make efforts to unlock this basic character in your game as it is unlocked by default. Simply choose your game level and Mario will get ready to run for you.



If you want to unlock this Mario’s brother you will have to make some efforts to unlock the Mushroom Kingdom building. It is named as Luigi’s house in your game and it will unlock a green plumber for you so that you can easily call your character ahead in every level. It is required to spend 150 purple toads and 150 green toads to build this house.

Princess PeachPrincess Peach:

Most of the Mario players love this pink princess. If you want to unlock her for your game then you have to go through World tour mode and make all possible efforts to save her from clutches at different stages. Once your world tour is completed then she will join you for next levels.



You can unlock Yoshi in the same way as you worked for Luigi. The only difference is that this time you need to build Yoshi’s house at your Kingdom. In order to develop this
structure, you need to spend 30 yellow toads and 30 red toads.


It can be unlocked in the similar manner as that of Yoshi and Luigi. All that you need to do is save more toads if you want this impressive character in your game. It demands 200 yellow toads, 200 purple toads, 200 green toads, 200 blue toads and 200 red toads.



I must say that this is one of the easiest characters in your game. All that you need to do is simple login to your Nintendo account and unlock him directly.


It is quite interesting to know that each one of these characters have unique abilities. For example, Mario is able to run at slower speed whereas Toad is much faster. It is good to collect more toads in your game to gain easy access to your favorite characters on the way.

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