Few Secrets that Super Mario Run Doesn’t Tell You

There are so many things that you still need to know about your favorite game. The tips, strategies and tricks never come to an end when you are enjoying gaming hours on Super Mario Run platform. If you are trying to access information from game tutorials then you might have missed few secrets that are either poorly explained or not included in detail in those tutorials.

Tip: That Creative Bubble:

You will be glad to know that those bubbles are not only meant to add lives into your platform rather they can be used for more benefits. When you are going through too much damage or are not able to make a long jump then these bubbles can be used to reset your position. Even if you missed an important prize or coin on the way then use your bubble to get back to the track and gain your powers.

 Tip: Special Coins:

Whenever you are able to collect all the special coins at any stage in your game then it is possible to earn two rally tickets at once. There are actually 3 difficulty tiers at every stage where the easiest one is featuring the set of pink coins, second one is having purple coins specifically and the hardest level of all these is the black coins.

Tip: Select your Difficulty level:

In case if you are interested to replay a specific stage after accessing multiple sets of special coins then it is possible to choose any one of these by simply tapping on your screen. Choose your color for coins and the respective level will begin on screen.

Super Mario Run

Tip: Infinite Scroll:

When you are playing in rally mode then try to cover the distance at faster pace. You must reach at end before the timer expires. If you are able to do so then world will naturally loop back to the starting point and you will be able to run indefinitely.

Tip: Collect free coins from your Enemies:

Some of you might have noticed the tally session at the end of your game that shows how many opponents you have eliminated at this level. In case if your efforts are able to fill the progress bar up to maximum level then you will soon be able to level up your enemy group and whenever you will kill any one of those a coin will be added to your account.

Tip: Tax Collector:

It is possible to collect so many free coins from Mushroom People of Kingdom. You have to observe those toads hanging in your village. Try to collect as many as you can.

Tip: Time is a Myth:

It is high time to know that you are not judged on the basis of time in this game rather score is main factor at every stage. Stay focused to score as high as you can to stay on the top among all enemies.

Tip: Unlock the Bonus Characters:

At each level you will be able to gain access to so many interesting characters but they demand some specific effort to get unlocked. Earn more coins and follow expert tips to know how these characters can be unlocked with ease.

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