Super Mario Run-Expectations Vs Reality: “The Secret Lies Here”

Super Mario Run is one of the biggest hit from Nintendo. Even after its first release on iOS, millions of users have been connected to this platform and still unlimited gamers are curious to get it on their android smartphone. This game generated great revenue for the company on its launch date as fans were crazy to get their favorite Mario character on their mobile screen. […]

Super Mario Run Secrets

Few Secrets that Super Mario Run Doesn’t Tell You

There are so many things that you still need to know about your favorite game. The tips, strategies and tricks never come to an end when you are enjoying gaming hours on Super Mario Run platform. If you are trying to access information from game tutorials then you might have missed few secrets that are Read more about Few Secrets that Super Mario Run Doesn’t Tell You[…]

Super Mario Run Toad Rally

Tricks to Master Toad Rally: Ultimate Super Mario Run Guide

You might have heard about the competitive mode of Super Mario Run that is well known by the name: Toad Rally. Here you will get opportunity to run against your opponents while enjoying stylish moves and collecting more numbers of coins. […]

Super Mario Run Download

How to Play Super Mario Run on PC?

Super Mario Run is going to be one of the most popular advancement in the Mario series due to its so many advanced features and added fun as well as adventure to game on every step. This latest version of game will be soon available to almost all devices types including iOS, android, window mobile Read more about How to Play Super Mario Run on PC?[…]